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heart of Vegas free coins, free coins on heart of Vegas, Hearts of Vegas is a popular casino game that offers a variety of slot machines, table games, and video poker games. crazy fox free spins The game is available on various platforms including Facebook, apple play store and google play store  . If you are an avid player of Hearts of Vegas, then you must be well aware of the importance of coins in this game. 


Hearts of Vegas is a popular online game that attracts players from all over the world. One of the most exciting things about playing this game is the chance to win huge prizes and bonuses. The more coins you have, the longer you can play and the more likely you are to win big. That  why knowing how to get free coins in Hearts of Vegas is essential. In this article, we will discuss the various methods

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heart of Vegas free coins

1.3000+free coins 02.06.2023

4.3000+free coins 01.06.2023

3.3000+free coins 01.06.2023

2.3000+free coins 01.06.2023

1.3000+free coins 01.06.2023

4.3000+free coins 31.05.2023

3.3000+free coins 31.05.2023

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1.3000+free coins 31.05.2023

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3.3000+free coins 29.05.2023

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1.3000+free coins 29.05.2023

2.3000+free coins 28.05.2023

1.3000+free coins 28.05.2023

4.3000+free coins 27.05.2023

3.3000+free coins 27.05.2023

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3.3000+free coins 26.05.2023

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3.3000+free coins 25.05.2023

2.3000+free coins 25.05.2023

1.3000+free coins 25.05.2023

3.3000+free coins 24.05.2023

2.3000+free coins 24.05.2023

1.3000+free coins 24.05.2023

3.3000+free coins 23.05.2023

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1.3000+free coins 23.05.2023

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2.3000+free coins 20.05.2023

1.3000+free coins 20.05.2023

3.3000+free coins 19.05.2023

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1.30000+free coins 17.05.2023

How to get free coins in Heart of Vegas

There are several ways to get free coins in Hearts of Vegas. Here are some great ways.

daily bonus

Hearts of Vegas offers players daily bonuses, which may include free coins, extra spins and other prizes. To claim your daily bonus, simply log in to the game every day and receive your reward.

hourly bonus

In addition to daily bonuses, Hearts of Vegas also offers hourly bonuses to players. These bonuses are available every hour and can include free coins, extra spins and other prizes.


As you play Hearts of Vegas, you can earn experience points (XP) for each game you play.  level up as you earn XP, and each time you level up, you can get a reward. which can include free coins.

social media promotion

Hearts of Vegas occasionally runs promotions on their social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, where players can earn free coins by liking, sharing or commenting on posts.

Email Rewards

Heart of Vegas also offers email rewards to its players. If you have signed up for the game newsletter, you will receive regular emails that include free coins and other bonuses.

invite friends

Hearts of Vegas allows players to invite their friends to join the game. If a friend accepts your invitation and starts playing, you’ll get a reward, which may include free coins.

attending events

Hearts of Vegas regularly hosts events and promotions where players can earn free coins and other prizes.

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