Travel town free energy

Travel town free energy-Travel Town’s free energy links and a comprehensive guide on maximizing energy collection within the game. Learn about the significance of energy in crafting and expanding your town in Travel Town – Merge Adventure. Explore strategies to obtain free energy and leverage functional links effectively for optimal gameplay. match master free boosters

How to Get Free Energy in Travel Town?

Using Daily Energy Links, completing Daily Challenges, and participating in events.Exchanging diamonds, watching ad videos, or leveling up for extra energy.Keeping an eye on giveaways on the game’s Facebook page and contests.Your energy refills automatically over time until it’s full.Travel town free energy Android Mobile is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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Travel town free energy

2.10 energy link 22.5.2024

1.10 energy link 22.5.2024

1.10 energy link 21.5.2024

2.10 energy link 20.5.2024

1.10 energy link 20.5.2024

2.10 energy link 19.5.2024

1.10 energy link 19.5.2024

2.10 energy link 18.5.2024

1.10 energy link 18.5.2024

2.10 energy link 17.5.2024

1.10 energy link 17.5.2024

2.10 energy link 16.5.2024

1.10 energy link 16.5.2024

2.10 energy link 15.5.2024

1.10 energy link 15.5.2024

1.10 energy link 14.5.2024

2.10 energy link 13.5.2024

1.10 energy link 13.5.2024

2.10 energy link 12.5.2024

1.10 energy link 12.5.2024

2.10 energy link 11.5.2024

1.10 energy link 11.5.2024

2.10 energy link 10.5.2024

1.10 energy link 10.5.2024

2.10 energy link 09.5.2024

1.10 energy link 09.5.2024

1.10 energy link 08.5.2024

1.10 energy link 07.5.2024

2.10 energy link 06.5.2024

1.10 energy link 06.5.2024

2.10 energy link 05.5.2024

1.10 energy link 05.5.2024

2.10 energy link 04.5.2024

1.10 energy link 04.5.2024

1.10 energy link 03.5.2024

2.10 energy link 02.5.2024

1.10 energy link 02.5.2024

1.10 energy link 01.5.2024

Daily Energy Links

These are daily rewards shared by the game developers on social media. Players can visit these links to claim free energy rewards.

Energy Refill

Players receive 1 free energy every 1 minute and 30 seconds until their energy bar is full (100 energy).

Daily Challenges:

Completing tasks within a set time frame allows players to collect prizes, including energy rewards.

Play Events:

Participating in events involves completing various tasks to earn free energy and other valuable rewards.

Watch Advertisements:

Watching ads grants players free energy, although there’s a daily limit to how many ads can be watched for energy.

Level Up Reward:

Unlocking new levels grants energy rewards as part of the level-up process.

Initial Free Energy:

Players receive 100 free energy when starting the game and an additional 100 energy twice when their energy is depleted, totaling 300 free energy for beginners.

Facebook Page Contests:

Daily contests on the game’s Facebook page offer selected winners free energy and other rewards, although this method is less common.


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