What are the stars in the coin master?

In the Coin Master game, the number of villages you create increases, your stars rise and you can develop more stars with the help of your friends, you can increase your stars by taking cards from your friends and playing in the village. It can be mastered. It can be completed. The more stars you have, the higher the rank in your game.

How do I get cards?

Coin Master is a great way to collect cards in the game. The easiest way is to take a card from your friends and make as many friends as possible in the game.
And when you have a gold card trail, you can take a gold card from them and take 5 cards a day from your friend with a normal card. Another way is to buy a box from your re-collected coin. Which you can get an old card and a new card. Next, we have written the names of those boxes. The name of the box is

1 wooden chest

2 golden chest

3 magic chest

How do I Trade Gold Card?

When you open your game, you get a gold card trade show, you have 2 gold card shows in it. If you have a gold card, you will not have a new card written on top of the gold card. If you do not have a gold card, then a new card will be written on it, which card you can ask your friends. coin master joker card

I lost the stars

When a player attacks your village, it breaks your house, works your star, the more you attack your village, the more your stars work. 

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