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Coin master game is a very good game in which you earn coins and you build your villages. When the Coin Master starts playing the game, Dildoes it, playing the game, and quickly completes his village, but it takes you a while to complete the village before reaching the next village. And playing the game is very simple and you can enjoy this game to the fullest

Construction of villages in coin master

To go to the next level of the coin master game, you have to complete your village, you must complete the level of the game and every next village will be slightly more expensive than the previous one.                               

Attacks and raids

You can choose Fox. Pet Fox, it has 3 pet fox named Fox, Tiger, Rhino, you touch it on Fox and you will have 3 Fox shows in front of you so you can select 3 Fox. You chose Fox to get more coins and you keep updating your pet animal from time to time.

Use your pets

In Coin Master, you have 3 pets to help you during the game. Fox, Tiger, and Rhino. You should use this pet animal so that you can loot as much coin as possible and help you in protecting your village and must use it!

Play events

There are various events every day in which you can get additional spins, coins, and XP to feed your pets. Play them, but play them wisely. Tips for playing Halla Madness, Raid Madness, and special events that you find here.

card collection 

Normal cards can be traded at any time with a limit of 5 per day.

You can send five cards to a friend one day and get five new cards from him, except for the gold card, you can send the normal card to your friend and to get more cards, you share the link to your friend Can and connect with Coin Master Game, your friends give you

You get 25 spins for free and you can take the card for free if you need to.

Share this with friends to get a new card from your friends

More tips and tricks in coin master

You got a lot of tricks of the coin master game on our website and we have written a lot of articles on the coin master, you can read them at .

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