How to install and play Coin Master Game

The coin master game is a favorite game of the people, the game is played in all the country, it has to fulfill its village in the game and the journey of the game is very exciting. In this article, we know about how to install and play coin master games.

How to install Coin master

First of all, open your mobile then go to play store and search
The coin master and the coin master game show have been done on your mobile, then the option of installation has been included in it, click on it, install your game. Caesars casino free coins

How to play Coin Master

 After installation, when you open the first time this game. There are two options show in-game screen.

1.First option login through Facebook
2. Guest Mode

In my opinion, you should go to log in through Facebook. when you choose to log in through Facebook.
You will get lots of bonus rewards and spins. After the Choose option game will start. The game gives you a demo of how to play.
After that When you start to play this game and you will get 60 spins as soon as you open the coin master game when the spin is over, then every 1 hour you will get six spins.

Attack and Raids

Moving a wheel will make you coins, no doubt, but you can also get coins by attacking another random player village in the area. By attacking and raiding you can collect hidden treasures because you have no idea what is hidden in the enemy’s village. Constantly raiding and attacking enemies is the key to victory. If you are attacked or attacked, you need to defend or raid the enemy back. Only in this way can you ensure that enemies will not raid your village continuously. So make sure you have enough spins available to keep the wheel spinning.

Collect card to make set

Coins are important, with them you can create and create anything you like in the game. But by collecting cards and creating sets, you will be able to pursue and build new strong villages that will also give you better raids and increase your Star/leaderboard level.

A benefit to connecting with a Facebook account

The game is associated with Facebook, and on Facebook, you can exchange cards with your friends. By exchanging cards, you can create sets even faster, and this only means that your village will move faster.

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