Where are the cards in Coin Master?

The Coin Master game menu has a different option, which you can find on the top right of your dashboard. On which the card collection will be written, you touch on the card collection and you get all the information about how many cards you have and how many cards are there to complete your set.

How many cards can you send a day on coin master?

Normal Cards can be traded at any time with a limit of 5 per day.
You can send five cards to a friend one day and get five new cards from him, except for the gold card, you can send the normal card to your friend and to get more cards, you can share the link to your friend do And connect your friends with the Coin Master Game, give it to you
You get 25 spins for free and you can take a card for free if you need to.
Share this with friends to get a new card from your friends

 Do you send gold cards to Coin Master?
Gold Cards can be traded only in special events. When the gold card is in a tradeable, you can get the gold card from a friend,
when your friend has sent the gold card to you, then you have to touch on the gift option to take the gold card, so that touch on the gift option then the gold card show Will you get gold coin master card collection.
For example
In the coin master game, today you give some new information about the card collection, let’s know the name of the gold card of the coin master.

Water girl

2. beasts

3. items
Last chest

4. Creators
Chinese dragon

5. sweet
Chocolate Bar
Coin master

6. bling bling
Bling bling

7. Vikings
Viking Gold
Viking heart

8. hot rides
Zombie Slicer
Nitro blast

9.Jack to lantern
Throne of thorns

10. japan
Karma Police

11. plants
Olive tree
Jurassic Plant

12. oz
Brave Lion

13. Africa
Lucky Clover
Big tony

White rabbit
Red queen

Planet Explorer

Today we have given you information about 15 golden card collections, you have to shop chests to get the card, there are three types of boxes in it, those box names are

1 wooden chest
2 golden chests
3 magic chests

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